Managed Health Referral Partner Program

When you partner with Managed Health, you're with a team of seasoned professionals whose focus is on the long-term success your organization and of your clients. Adding value to your product and service offering is our top priority.

We look for partners who share our mission of solving the healthcare crisis by adding undeniable value to the clients we service. Providing access to care, quality care, affordable care, to all Americans is something we are passionate about. We invite to join us to this quest and together we can help foster lasting relationships with the clients in which we serve.

National Grocery Store Chain

We’ve been with your platform for over 3 years now. At first, we were hesitant because we didn’t know if our employees would actually see the benefit. Looking back, we now wish we rolled it out years sooner. Our employees are healthier and they love the added medical benefits along with their higher paychecks. To date we have saved our company and our employees millions and have it implemented in 85 stores across the country. Your platform has been the single greatest benefit we have implemented for our employees and our bottom line.

National Payroll and Staffing PEO

As one of only a handful of IRS certified PEO’s in the United States, our business is providing Human Resources and Payroll to over 50,000+ lives around the United States. As a result, compliance was at the heart as the most important factor of our decision to participate in this program. The businesses we support want the best for their employees. Including your program as part of every proposal allows us to provide greater benefits at a more cost-effective price than our competitors.

450MM Revenue Software Analytics Company

As a CFO, my job is to find ways to improve the bottom line of our business. When we were first introduced to your program, the immediate reaction was this is too good to be true. We added the platform to our benefit package with nearly 100% acceptance. Not only do our employees have better benefits, but the bottom line of the business also improved tremendously, and we would highly recommend the Managed Health platform.

Publicly Traded Manufacturing Company

As a publicly traded company, we face a lot of scrutiny over the benefits package we provide. Add to that our company employees over 16,000 lives the rollout process is as crucial as the savings businesses we support want the best for their employees. Including your program as part of every proposal allows us to provide greater benefits at a more cost-effective price than our competitors

Arby’s Owner

As a fast food chain we always had an issue offering benefits to our employees and this program has been the perfect fit to accomplish that. Not only does it increase their pay but it provides minimum essential coverage and useful benefits they can use as standalone and with their current plan. The rollout was seamless to all our employees and despite the initial complexities of the plan, the employee experience has been very easy for them to understand. I can honestly say our only regret was not doing it sooner. Our employees have been happy with their benefit plans and the competitive rates. We were pleasantly surprised to see the renewal rates come in lower than we anticipated that shows the effectiveness of the program by reducing the claims that hit our major medical. Your team has been great to work with and we appreciate their level of detail and expertise to help us manage our claims internally which has kept our rates down.

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