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What We Do for the Non-Profit Industry

Managed Health simplifies healthcare for the non-profit industry and employers by providing coverage that prioritizes affordability and access to high-quality care. Our customized health and wellness solutions encompass physical, social, and mental well-being benefits for non-profit workers, all while delivering significant cost savings for employers.

The Problem the Non-Profit Industry Faces

Insurance Gap

More than 50% of the non-profit industry lacks employer-sponsored insurance coverage.

Affordability Strain

Limited income presents a challenge for participating in company insurance and benefit plans.

Communication Hurdle

Language gaps prevent a clear understanding of health and wellness programs.

Part-Time Predicament

Individuals working reduced hours often do not have access to health and wellness programs.

The Problems With Most Employee Benefit Programs

Unaffordable for Employers and Employees

Offering and participating in employee benefits can be financially burdensome for both employees and employers.

Administrative and Participation Complexities

Navigating employee benefits can require employers to handle intricate administrative tasks, while employees may face challenging decisions.

Lack of Customization and Flexibility

Not all benefit packages cater to the diverse needs of employees or employers and often require upfront commitments that lack flexibility.

The Managed Health Solution

Plan Benefits

Plan Cost



Employer Benefits

Retention and Recruitment

Health and wellness programs can be attractive perks, aiding in employee retention and attracting top talent.

Employee Well-Being

Promoting health programs fosters a culture of well-being, enhancing employees' physical, social, and mental health.

Cost Savings

Our comprehensive plans are designed to provide savings to allow non-profits to have more funds to contribute to their cause.

Here’s What Some of Our Clients Have To Say

I recommend Managed Health to everyone in HR. Enrollment was simple, Managed Health is always very responsive to our needs, and our employees rave about their benefits. It's been great.

Tammy O Vice President of HR | Saprea

I strongly recommend The Managed Health Benefits to any organization looking to enhance their employee benefits packages. Their expertise, personalized service, and dedication to client satisfaction are truly exceptional.

David B Founder & CEO | DEVCO Foods and Village Baker

Since implementing MHP, we've seen an increase in employee satisfaction and noticeable improvements in retention rates. The quality and range of benefits have become a key factor in attracting top talent as well.

Micheal A Franchise Owner | Little Caesars and Adam & Eve

Our Impact on the Non-Profit Industry

We offer health and wellness benefits to thousands of non-profit workers across the United States.

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At Managed Health, we believe in providing a simple solution to remove the complexities and high cost of healthcare for non-profit workers. Our unique approach helps improve employee engagement while providing the highest quality care at little to no cost. Fill out the form to download the brochure and learn more.

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