Healthcare Navigation Services

Managed Health assists individuals in accessing quality care at the right time, helping them save money along the way. Our team works with patients to create a personalized care plan that best works with their healthcare needs.

Don’t get bogged down by the confusing and complex US healthcare system. Rely on Managed Health’s care navigation services for all the clinical guidance and achieve peace of mind.


Healthcare Navigation Services: Discover The Difference Care Navigation Makes to Patients

Managed Health bridges the gap between patients and healthcare providers, resulting in optimal health outcomes.

Care Coordination

With our healthcare navigation services, patients can access specialized care provided by different healthcare providers, ensuring no confusion whatsoever.

Appointment Scheduling

We help schedule appointments with healthcare providers, specialists, and diagnostic tests, ensuring patients get timely access to the care they deserve.

Access to Healthcare Resources

Get all the information and support you need to access healthcare resources available in the community, such as support groups, clinics, and social services.

Patient Advocacy

Managed Health acts as navigators between patients and healthcare providers, ensuring patients understand and access the best treatment options, rights, and responsibilities.

Support for Chronic Conditions

We extend dependable support to chronically ill patients to access optimal medical care support, including medication management and lifestyle modifications.

Insurance and Financial Assistance

We help patients understand and access the benefits that come along with health insurance coverage, including deductibles, co-pays, and in-network providers.

Benefits of Care Navigation

Managed Health takes the stress out of navigating the US healthcare system for patients and their families. Find out how.

Find the care you deserve, quickly

Our care navigation reduces the stress and frustration associated with navigating the complex healthcare system. We connect you with top healthcare providers that are ready to help you, without any delay

A-Team to Support You in the Journey

Our healthcare navigation services build you an A-team, ready to help you at every step of the process. Includes healthcare providers, nurses, administrative staff, and insurance agents. Driven to see you get healthy and recover faster.

Save money on the care you receive

More than 80% of healthcare spending goes into managing chronic health. We educate and empower people to make calculated decisions on choosing healthcare providers, treatments, lab tests, and other critical care support.

Why Patients Choose Managed Health As Their Care Navigators?

Managed Health is a trusted name that drives patients to achieve optimal health and well-being. Find out what we bring to the table.

Interdisciplinary Experts

Our healthcare navigators team comprises clinical specialists (nurses, pharmacists, psychologists, and dieticians) and non-clinicians (social workers and care coordinators). Together, they work to create the road to access and walk the healthcare system.

Personalized Care Plans

Our team works with patients, their families, and even healthcare providers to create a specialized care plan tailored to specific healthcare needs. Driving favorable health outcomes while regulating the spending on medical care.

Proven Track Record

Managed Health has numerous success stories to share with the world. We are proud of the difference our care navigators have made in the lives of hundreds of people.

Accessible and Available, 24/7

Managed Health is available 24/7 for you. Whether it’s routine medical support or a medical emergency, our team strives to be there for you whenever you require assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

People who are struggling to access healthcare services can seek support from care navigators. It includes

  • Finding the right healthcare providers
  • Scheduling appointments with specialists
  • Dedicated support for managing chronic conditions
  • Understanding and claiming health insurance coverage

Managing chronic healthcare conditions can be overwhelming for patients as well as their families. When contacted, our care navigators provide the support, directly and indirectly:

  • Educating on chronic conditions and their management
  • Contacting specialists for medical assistance
  • Helping with medication management
  • Connecting patients to support groups

Our healthcare navigators educate patients and their families on various cost-saving aspects of healthcare services. Together, we open the door to saving maximum on medical spending. It involves working on cost containment strategies that help reduce expenses while still providing top-notch care. We also guide you through the process of claiming medical insurance benefits and exploring financial assistance programs to reduce the financial burden of medical care.

We are dedicated to supporting patients in all healthcare situations, including medical emergencies. It involves coordinating with the nearest healthcare facility, arranging ambulance service, and advising on the alternate course of action if things go south.

It is not mandatory. You can directly seek assistance from Managed Health.