Workers’ Compensation Plan

Managed Health designs a comprehensive workers’ compensation plan to ensure the well-being and safety of your employees. Give your employees a sense of protection from on-the-job accidents, with the right medical care and monetary benefits.

Provide benefits to injured workers and secure your business reputation! Let’s plan workers’ compensation with experts and request a free quote.

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What's Included in Workers’ Compensation Coverage?

We meticulously design a compensation plan to provide maximum financial coverage to those employees who deserve it. It generally includes;

Medical Benefits

These cover the cost of treatment and rehabilitation for work-related injuries or illnesses.

Disability Benefits

These compensate employees for lost wages if they’re unable to work because of workplace injury or illness.

Death Benefits

These provide financial support to dependents of employees who have succumbed to workplace injuries or any job-related accident.

Vocational Rehabilitation

It helps injured workers regain employable skills or learn new ones to work and earn a living for themselves and their family.

How Managed Health Helps?

At ManagedHealth, we help you resolve any and every issue related to workers compensation business plans.

Calculating Premiums

We will work with you closely to calculate premium after ascertaining factors like workforce size, industry, and claims history.

Calculating Premiums

We will work with you closely to calculate premium after ascertaining factors like workforce size, industry, and claims history.

Ongoing Support

We provide ongoing support in challenging times, ensuring all the approvals are made promptly and the worker’s compensation benefits are offered to your employees timely.

The Benefits of Workers’ Compensation Plan

Investing in a comprehensive and effective compensation plan is crucial for your employees’ welfare and your company’s image.

Employee Satisfaction & Retention

Retaining employees is as important as hiring them! Show your commitment to employee welfare and reduce attrition rate.

Legal Protection

Protect your business from potential lawsuits related to work injuries or illnesses. Rightly-compensated employees tend not to file a lawsuit or claim unfair benefits.

Financial Stability

Maintain a well-balanced workers’ compensation fund to meet the obligations of unforeseen accidents at work, without adding to the company’s liabilities.

Improved Productivity

A well-thought workers’ compensation plan instills a sense of job security among employees while encouraging employees to improve their focus and boost productivity.

Why Choose Managed Health for Workers’ Compensation Plan?

Managed Health follows a unique approach to employee satisfaction with a comprehensive and seamless workers’ compensation coverage plan..

Streamlined Claim Process

Our seamless claims process reduces the administrative burden during unfortunate events, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Educate Employees

We educate employees about their rights under the plan. We also conduct regular training to ensure proper reporting of injuries or illnesses.

Quality Healthcare Products

We provide easy and quick access to top-quality healthcare products that are essential for employees health and well-being.


Due to dynamic laws regarding workers’ compensation plans across different regions, we ensure your plan remains compliant at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: A workers’ compensation fund is a pool of money managed by the state to cover the costs of claims for workplace injuries or illnesses. Employers whose main business involves high job risks contribute to this fund. They have to pay premiums to the state periodically, based on the factors like business risk, number of employees, and their job classification.

A: Absolutely! It covers all necessary medical expenses related to the treatment and recovery of the affected employee. It includes doctor visits, hospital stays, surgeries, medications, and rehabilitation services.

A: Yes! Under our plan, all eligible employees will receive a percentage of their wages as compensation while they are unable to work due to their work-related injury or illness.

Schedule a free consultation with us to know what all we cover in our plan!

A: To file a claim against workplace injuries, employees should follow these steps:

  1. Notify their employer about the injury or illness.
  2. Seek appropriate medical treatment.
  3. Fill out the necessary claim forms
  4. Submit the completed claim forms along with any supporting documentation.

A: We can help reduce your workers’ compensation premium costs by collaborating with our trusted network of insurance providers and provide cost-effective measures such as:

  • Implementing effective safety programs
  • Offering modified schedules for injured employees
  • Managing claims efficiently.

A: We can prevent and detect fraudulent claims by establishing a comprehensive claims investigation process, such as:

  • Educating your employees on the compensation plan and the consequences of submitting fraudulent claims
  • Requiring prompt reporting of injuries and illnesses and verifying the facts of each claim
  • Conducting regular audits and reviews of your claims data and looking for any red flags or inconsistencies.